vissza a főoldalra

2000 February - Kesernyés
At the director's request, the G (Hukkle is produced by him) finds board and lodging in a little humpy village. The village happened to be Ozora. (For easier understanding, let us call the village on its imaginary name, Kesernyés, which means Bittervile.) The script is being made. The conception: to write the story for genuine scenes and actors.

2000 March-April - Kesernyés
Preparing the shooting.

2000 May 22 - Kesernyés
Shooting on S16.
The first day. In the morning, at the eight o'clock meeting, most of the crew is missing. After a short quarrel on the next days the crew is not been late anymore. But there is a bigger problem: the rain is pouring, and - of course - we planned a half day outdoors shooting. More than that, although it was promised, most of the extras didn't came, and the cameraman didn't arrived with the milk train. Everybody is looking for actors in the village. One of the entrepreneur ladies of the village, the owner of the pub helps us. After ten minutes there are coming some people to the pub. We know that they came for shooting, because they ordered drinks on the crew's account. The cameraman arrives, he puts the lights in no time, and we finally start the shooting. By the time we have to shoot outdoors, the sun comes out.

2000 May 23 - Kesernyés
The second day of shooting.
The locust-tree just shads its blossoms, the bees almost finished collecting he pollen. We planned to shoot at the Beekeeper's ranch. But the rain from the day before made impossible for us to take the equipment there. The crewmembers don't mind that for the day they've got away with the meeting with thousands of bees.
Although - excepting the optic line - we put all the equipment on a tractor's trailer, we don't manage to bear with the mud. So, we start to shoot the scene planned for the next day on a scene much approachable, but we have just a half-day to do it. In despair we enter the pub garden, in the meantime the production is looking for a hare, a guinea fowl, a hors carriage and two edible snails for the scene. We pull away Aunt Mary form lunch, because she has to play in the scene we have to shoot on a hill nearby. By the time the camera arrives on the hill, and the Panther is put together, the G arrives with the lunch. Instead of the guinea fowl figured in the script, they find only a speckled one, but for the crew from Budapest, the difference occurred only at the end of shooting. We made the last snits at sunset. And we haven't finished…
In the evening we are awaited in the pub with pork sausages and chitterlings.

2000 May 24 - Kesernyés
The third day of shooting.
We must approach the Beekeeper's farm. Dóczi, the chief lighting man left on the still muddy fields with a minibus bought a few weeks ago stuffed with equipment. He gets stuck after 30 meters. All four wheels of the minibus are running out. We call the G, but there is no signal in Kesernyés. So, we have to wait for the rest of the crew that has to arrive after an hour according disposition. They arrive, but they can't get through because of the stoke minibus. In short time, the G's crew gets a tractor that helps to take out the minibus. We put the equipment on the tractor's trailer. The crew is taken to the scene by a horse-carriage. But on the way up, the carriage beam broke. The old coachman calmly makes a hole on the beam, solves the problem, and invites the crew to join the ride. Everybody is go by foot. Here turns out that the crew photographer is allergic to bee-sting, and he may die from one sting. Finally we manage to get to the farm. The beekeeper is surprised to find us there; he has too much work. Despite of that he is willing to stop and to play in the film, as we agreed.
Is already noon when we start to work. Surrounded by six million bees, we manage to get away with only one sting. Exactly the focuspuller, Andras Ignacz gets the bite, because he has to stay the nearest to the bees. By the end of the day our photographer, buttoned up takes the courage to enter the farm (only for two minutes) to take some pictures. We went for the village on other way, by the stream shore, on the platform of Uncle Pista's Barkas, in the company of some siphon bottles. At the end of shooting we go home to Budapest.

2000 June 6
Submitting the tender for ORTT. After "Hunnia" having rejected the script, "Mokép" submits it.

2000 September
The advisory board of ORTT votes for the film "Hukkle" 23 million HUF needed for start.