vissza a főoldalra

First week of August 2001
We loose a week of work. The director tries to find a film editor. He asks his former classmate, Noémi Merhli to accept the job. She thinks it over, since she doesn't want to take part in a "scandal". She sees the script for the first time; she would work for the first time with the director. And it isn't a side issue how much money she would get, and how much she has to work for it. Then she accepts the assignment. Unfortunately first she has two weeks work to finish. The director takes his annual vacation. He arranges with Noémi that by August 21 she will go through the complete muster and will make test editing too.

2001 August 21 - Budapest
Nothing happened. The film editor refers to her two weeks work and assures the director that she went through the material. They start to edit together the first draft.

Thursday, 2001 August 30
The editor informs us that she will have a three weeks job, but that would mean only four hours of work. Besides she can't cancel it: it's a foreign film, much money. The G's crew is preparing the supplementary days.