Friday, 2001 June 1
The crew reports at "Mokép". The G renders the account of the spent money, the director relates about the job done until now, and discusses about the events of the next stage. He talks about the distribution of the film. There are hopeful promises.
We watch the musters, and give the disposition of the editing capacity.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001
From the director's list of this week:
- cutting - watching musters on Beta, specifying the script, approving the scenes;
- to give the tapes to the sound editor to make the dubbing;
- buying of Winchester (the director is sticks to the idea of saving the film on their own Winchester until we finish the film);
- to arrange a meeting with the film editor;
- VHS muster for Csaba Bereczki (producer)
- special effect (in the studio from Kőbánya) - the growing of the root under the soil; after that start shooting the decomposition of the cat;
- finding new spots: - the mill;
- the song from the end of the film - to find a professional singer, to hire him;
- to find the concrete song;
- Internet - to check the Diary, to present it to the producer
making the necessary correction, discussions (e-mail, search programs, refreshing, etc.)
- Press - VOX
- "Pécsi" TV
- discussions with the PR manager
- animal trainer - discussing the land table.

Thursday, 2001 June 7
"Mafilm" Media Center. Editing. The director and the cameraman are giving interview for VOX magazine. The entering in Avid is still going on, there is not enough room. The Winchester can't be delivered for a month by the vendor.

Friday, 2001 June 8
"Mafilm" Media Center. Editing. Example: the scene with the fishing lake still can't be edited. The director tries a few solutions, but it isn't working. Maybe we have to omit a big part of it. It would be pity. The cut with the consulting room made with the steadcam is questionable too. Should it remain as it is, or it worth to edit it? It's a hard question as many people asked as many opinions. On the muster the bees are too dark. We ask a test from the laboratory. We wish to not have to shoot this scene again!

Saturday, 2001 June 9
"Mafilm" Media Center. Editing.

Monday, 2001 June 11
About the root growing special effect recording the lights expert of Film Laboratory asked us the following: "What is that black and white flickering under the water?" That puts the lid in it! We may watch it tomorrow. And we have to start recording the decomposition of the cat: one image every 10 minutes during three weeks. Everything is ready; the carcass is just waiting for hungry maggots.
The zoo. Discussions with the animal trainer, Péter Huszák at the Greenhouse's coffee shop about the mole's land-table, and we make the casting for the catfish-to-be.

Tuesday, 2001 June 12
Film Laboratory. Fortunately the special effect with the root growing is usable. It isn't perfect. More than that. But this is what we have, and it's seems that it could be saved. At six o'clock in the evening shall come a few singers to the Operetta Theatre to find adequate voice and face for the scene with the girl singing at the wedding. But nobody is good for us; they are more musical singers, who try to sing folk songs for us.

Wednesday, 2001 June 13
Between 11 and 1 o'clock there are coming another girls to "Mokép" for audition. We find between them some beautiful voices, but we have a problem: they are too young. This isn't an impediment, but we still have to look around. There are other applicants. Among others an elderly woman. Sometimes we have to organise another audition.
At "Kőbánya", at "Mokép"'s premises in the out of use cellar the biologist is preparing the mole's land-table. The director examines the preparations. By afternoon the fahrt is ready. We record five-five seconds, after that they start the six squares exposition by hour.

Thursday, 2001 June 15
The scandal brakes. Due to some misunderstanding, misinforming or other reason the producer hears that the cat that is lying under the camera and millions of maggots was killed just for our film. So, referring to the animal protection law - with good reason - he demands to stop the recording. The director doesn't understand the producer's worrying because he knows that before we have got it, the kitty laid deadly on some highway, then in a refrigerator. The animal protection has nothing to worry about it (if they still are, he is willing to show them the film "Greenaway: ZOO"). Since nobody understands anything of it, and nobody listen to no one, the dispute is degenerating more and more. The director is asking only to postpone the discussion to Monday for he doesn't want to leave Pécs and the National Theatre Meeting (about that see:, but the producer is gathering the whole crew. If tomorrow the director won't be present, he stops the shooting. Phone calls through and through, but from that there are making profit only the telephone companies.

Friday, 2001 June 15
At seven in the evening, at "Mokép" meet the producer, the assistant producer, the director, the cameraman, the executive producer, the animal trainer (the former owner of the alive kitten and the "trustee" of the dead kitten), and the biologist that supervise the decomposition. In no time they pour oil on troubled water, everything clears up (maybe because everybody had to listen to everybody…), but the producer permits to continue the recording of the special effect only with preparation. He anyway gave the last honors to the dead cat. Everything is all right everybody is smiling. The crew decreases with one of the producers and the biologist, who finished his mission.

Saturday, 2001 June 16
Discussion about making more useful and nice the Internet page.

Sunday, 2001 June 17
Discussions about the logo draft, that the director wants to use as a publicity element for introducing the film.

Monday, 2001 June 18
The director and the assistant meet to work on the disposition book of the last stage of shooting. The assistant is two hours late, he left a message that he will be late but he didn't consider the short stand-by period of the phone (I admit, that depends on the phone's age), namely the phone can be used in stand-by only for two hours. So they have a great dispute on this theme. But everybody is happy to serve another day on the altar of "Hukkle".

Wednesday, 2001 June 20
Folk-singers are arriving to "Mokép". Audition. The teacher, Éva Fábián and her students are very well prepared. They sing every song on the given theme "I'm orphan".

Thursday, 2001 June 21
Search for settings. We are very welcomed at "Ferencvárosi Malom" (The Mill from Ferencváros) They show us all the production fazes, like at factory-visit for children. Then we look for a police station: an office in a prefabricated house built in village surroundings, near Budapest. We find only schools in Dunaharaszti and Ócsa region. Monday we'll go on with the search.
In the afternoon the cameraman meets the director to discuss about the shooting.

Friday, 2001 June 22
Further driving around Budapest. We go for Csömör and Gödöllő. After visiting some school and police building we find something acceptable: a small primary school, where we luckily meet the caretaker who is happy to show us around.

Last week of June 2001
Further editing. During the preparation are made, the director tries to contact the editor, whom he had worked last year on this film. But nobody disposed the editor, so she accepted a bigger TV work. At the director urge she make herself some time for the film, but she often dozes off in front of the monitor. From this originates another conflict: the director is worrying for the film, he wants to try some new things with the editor, but she can't pay attention to the monitor after 8 hours of work. Moreover, he feels like the director is aggressive with him, he wants to pursuit her to do something that doesn't work. Instead of working long hours of psychical talks, reminding of some old, ugly stories ending with morals. One thing is sure: the assistant editor introduces all the recorded material to the machine. The director decides to edit himself the questioned parts in order to find the weak points that could be corrected in the next stage of shooting.