vissza a főoldalra

Friday, 2002 February 1
At seven o'clock in the morning the director, the cameraman, the sound editor and the film editor are watching the film at the laboratory. Technically it's OK. Though the cameraman has to leave earlier, but he arranges at the laboratory to copy the forgotten 1,85 covering.

Saturday, 2002 February 2
At 9 in the morning showing the film for the press in the "Jávor" hall of "Corvin" Cinema. The director is not willing to enter; only the editor watches the movie. And he comes out very cheerful. It seems that press liked the film.
It's four in the afternoon. In "Korda" hall of "Corvin" Cinema starts the showing for a wider range of spectators. From Ozora came Aunt Margit, Edit, Öcsi and Csabi Virág. The hall is full. The crewmembers' spirit rise when they hear that the spectators are laughing. So, we succeed? We wouldn't know but we feel that something works. At every little cough the director pays attention with excitement if the spectator's spirit faint or not. He is cheerful and doubtful at the same time. Then, after the showing he receives plenty congratulations. Unspeakable relief. They liked it after all. Of course they are only acquaintance - comfort each other the crewmembers. We shouldn't take this serious yet.
After the movie, Aunt Margit's are giving us a reception upstairs. They brought two bottles of red vine; they baked scones and apple pie. The director shares out the T-shirts. This is the only way we can return the kindness of the people form Ozora…
During the celebration the director gives two interviews for and for "Est FM". It started…
Today "Hukkle" is show twice in two different halls. Some crewmembers are waiting at the exit to see the spectators' faces. Th signs are encouraging.

Sunday, 2002 February 3
The director and the dramaturg go to "Radványi" hall by 10 in the morning to participate at the debate. More about that at
In the evening the crew of the film "Kísértések" give a "little" reception at "Kaltenberg" brasserie. At least we may see how somebody celebrates worthily the showing.

Monday, 2002 February 4
Early afternoon foreign critics, festival directors are watching the movie. Astonishing reception this time too - though we can't say that the success was unanimous. Many people participated at the debate, perhaps the first relief "press conference".
In the evening the Hungarian Film Director's Guild gives a "reception" (= some vine and scones, closing at midnight…) at the "Fészek Klub" ("Nest Club"). Everybody that counts is present, and right now the foreigner count. Shortly there is an atmosphere of a "cattle auction" in the room. Those, who had nothing to do with the Cannes or Lucerne selection left.
Unfortunately or luckily "Hukkle" has to deal with it. The director and the dramaturg are representing the film's interest that isn't an easy task, since besides the director there are present 2-3 producers from the "concurrency" side. The situation is more like the first day of an inexperienced prostitute. But… we done it. (The second day will be much easier - they say.)

Tuesday, 2002 February 5
In the afternoon we receive the message that the crew has invitation for the evening's prize giving. Even though the ushers aren't willing to let us in. The decision of the jury was leaked out for the press, so the television and radio reporters are standing in line for the director. But there is no place in the hall for awarded crew, so we sit on the stairs. Awarding.

Awards for:

- the best first movie
- the best first film director
- "Gene Moskovitz" prize of the foreign critics

A few days later:

- The best film - Student jury
- The best first film - Student jury