vissza a főoldalra

Saturday, 2001 December 1
Fox doesn't work in weekends, so the scanned material is somewhere between negative and digital picture. Because of that, the special effect men can't start working. However, now the deadline of December 20 refers to everybody. By that date the material should be ready for editing. They requested three weeks for making good quality special effects. It turns out that right now they don't have as may time. We start making calls, when it turns out that the 3D department wasn't disposed. Since nobody knew that we need them for that type of work. In the meantime the director and the dramaturg are editing the film without the editor. They coming along fine, they leave confidently.

Sunday, 2001 December 2
The noise brigade whose season came is watching finally the VHS. They immediately call on us requesting a propman.

Monday, 2001 December 3
Big day. "Hukkle" meets for the first time with the public. There is no sound yet on the film, so we invited only trades. In the projection room of the university gathered our classmates, some old colleagues, Éva Schulze, Éva Vezér from the "Filmunió", András Bőhm the producer, and a few relatives. The director can't bear the silence of the projection, so he waits outside the end of the film. Talks… and first words of appreciation followed this. It was understandable? Of course. Everybody understood it? Yes. What do you understood? Which part of the movie was boring? That went on and on till the evening. Great relief for the crewmembers. The trades understand, and will understand it. Than we find a name for the association that gathers Simó's class. In the lobby of the university it's established theoretically the "Madzag Filmegylet" ("String Film Association"). Pub visiting and talking about "Hukkle" till early morning.

Tuesday, 2001 December 4
Editing. Learning form yesterday's experience test-editing with Zsófi, the film's dramaturg.
KGB may start to finalise the special effects only today. We are in late.

Thursday, 2001 December 6
At "Mokép" after editing. The producer finds the financing unrealizable compared to the director's demands. The director renounces to a few things that were promised for him - e.g. the Dolby Digital Stereo sound - and so he releases five million HUF. The producer argues that we never had that money. The director asks to be paid all the colleagues that didn't get theirs money. He gets promises for that. A present from Saint Nicolas.

Friday, 2001 December 7
By early afternoon, after the class hours the sound editor installs the computer technique in the synchronising studio of the university. By three arrive Emma Mikes and Gábor Fogarasi, the noise-actors. They arrive with a small suitcase with six half-paired shoes, wigs, half coconut- shell, and a dozen of other noisy things. The propmen added to these "half of Ozora". They brought bike, water can, fishing-road, typewriter, brick, iron-chair, etc. When the work could start, the computer froze. This took off our all day confidence.

Saturday-Sunday, 2001 December 8-9
Noising. The noise-men are making wonders. The bird feather grows flower, they make grass from shavings, and they step like eight men with "only" two feet. But the film is much harder than others are, practice proves that. We don't finish in two days.

Monday, 2001 December 10
Learning from Thursday's experience, the director makes a list with the further requests.

What we need until the showing of the film?

- Dec. 15 One, or one and a half days of noising (Saturday, possibly Sunday)
- Dec. 14 Synchronising with Bodrogi Friday at the studio - for hiccups
- By Dec. 19 every material with footnote on Beta in Avid + sound
- From Dec. 20 six whole (!) days of editing
- Dec. 28-29-30 "Filmplus" finalising + footnote list
- Jan. 2-12 Music + sound finalising (4 musicians by day)
- By Jan 2-12 negative editing Laboratory + "Mokép" logo on the negative + end credits!!!
- From Jan. 13-15 lighting
- By Jan. 15 lighted 0-copy
- By Jan. 16-20 (four days) sound mixing at "Mafilm" Audio Kft.
- Dolby Surround Stereo (giving up the Digital part)
- Jan. 21-22 Sound copying copy making
- Jan. 23 Acceptance.
- Jan. 25 or 26 Premiere.
- Jan. 31 - Feb. 5 Film Review

- international copy
- video-copy Digit Beta - lighted from negative (FOX), sound mixed for TV
- DVD-copy from Digit Beta

- translation of the two songs in English

PR ready for the Film Review:
- 100 pcs. of T-shirts
- 100 pcs. of posters
- 6 pcs. of big advertising banner
- free postcards
- playbill or brochures of the movie
- press conference
- artistic photos - with text, and logo

- registering on main search sites
- links to film sites
- postal address
- refreshing

Tuesday, 2001 December 11
The producer accepts the list, agrees with the dates. Rejects the musicians, the premiere, and handles with reservation the place of mixing. Meanwhile they finalise and sign the credit-list.
Referring to the short-movie that they made together, the director hires the theatre actor Gyula Bodrogi for synchronising the hiccups.

Wednesday, 2001 December 12
Editing. We must take out the men from the wedding scene. The fragment is lack if images. In the evening, at KGB the director is checking the credit-list, and he watches for the first time finished special effects.

Thursday, 2001 December 13
The editor is making the pull-list for the sound editor and the laboratory. It's a kind of draft editing list containing the main data about each cut, but is not a finalised footnote list containing every information. By now turned out the mistakes made at digitalisation. We have to digitalis again almost the whole film: we put 5-5 sec. at the beginning and at the end of cuts.

Friday, 2001 December 14
Gyula Bodrogi arrives at Saint Audio studio for dubbing. But the recording went bad. At the third hiccup the actor is not willing to force his vocal cords anymore, so he goes home. This evening he will step on stage singing, dancing. If we don't find anybody to do this, he is willing to come back next Friday. That would be on the 21!!! We thank him for helping us, and we start finding another synchronising actor.

Saturday-Sunday, 2001 December 15-16
Finalising the noise dub in the projection room of the university. We can hear the first music-like sounds.
Sunday evening at 11 we watch the special effects, and approve it. The director accepts the cuts besides the aeroplane that is flying under the bridge. The material is sent for recopying. The beginning credits are made till four in the morning. The director didn't saw its end. There will be problems because of that.

Monday, 2001 December 17
At 10 o'clock the director is already at KGB, but the machines are still counting. It's nothing to see. There are only three days until handing down. KGB promises that by noon the material will be on FOX's table. It happened so, but FOX didn't start to make the copy. First they request a test from the laboratory, that takes days. We are in late, ouch! In the evening we watch the aeroplane at KGB. According to the director it's still not enough, but according to the special effect men the cut is OK, and we don't have time for another correction.

Tuesday, 2001 December 18
Fox calls us in the afternoon that the image format of the special effect is not compatible with theirs computer. Every minute counts, why are they telling us this just now? KGB re-renders the whole material.
At Saint Audio Studio the actor Tibor Kristóf is hiccuping beautifully, and though we call him only for testing, we dub with him the whole film. We did it! Now the old man is hiccuping in the film.

Wednesday, 2001 December 19
Today we have to introduce the whole material in the Avid from "Filmplus" for tomorrow to start the final editing. But till two in the afternoon the machine belongs to another production. By half past four we managed to copy just the first scene's project. One day late for sure.
The Film Review fixed our deadline: the film should be ready on February 1. But holiday is coming. We won't have six days for editing. Meanwhile tuns out that neither the sound editor couldn't finish the dub editing of the noises and original sounds. That means that we still have to edit without sound. The director is in an impossible situation: at the producer's any request he leaves the problems to him and he concentrates only on creative things.

Thursday, 2001 December 20
The day of deadline. Neither the special effects nor the sounds are ready, and they couldn't introduce the film in the Avid. Gábor Marinkás is digitising all day at the studio, Fox started just today the lighting. That means that it will take at least two days till we may see some from special effects. The director discusses only the strictly necessary things with the producers.
In the evening the composers show the crew what they can do with the sounds gathered from noise CDs, sound archives, recordings made by the sound editor and ourselves. The dressmaker scene is promising.

Friday, 2001 December 21
Work starts at nine in the editing room of "Filmplus". Basically it's still a technical and not creative work. By four in the afternoon we receive from Fox the Beta with foot codes. By evening we may start working on the film. But the work time of the company ends now and we have to leave. Some special effect links aren't prefect, we ask the specialists to come tomorrow.

Saturday, 2001 December 22
We are editing from nine. Áron is present form the KGB. On some points he reassures us but there are still some links that are not made according to the plan. They are beautiful but not as we'd like to be. It is clear that we have to redo the credits.
We cut 7 minutes from the whole film, 6 from the first scene. Now the film is a little longer than 80 minutes. We cam make difference between versions only by dates.
At midnight, in the "Aquicum" hall of "Mamut" Cinema, after the last projection we watch the special effects on big screen. Everything is great but the cameraman and the director doesn't like the scene with the aeroplane under the bridge and the credits. KGB assumes to change the credits, but from the professional point of view they are satisfied with the aeroplane. Then it's OK, we change only the credit.

Sunday, 2001 December 23
In the afternoon the creatives of the crew watch the film. There are present: the director, the cameraman, the dramaturg and the editor. Then discussing at the "Leona" coffee shop near the film factory. They agree to make shorten the first scene and the funeral, also to change some parts of the earthquake and wedding scene. The director wants structural changes too, but we don't have time for that.

2001 December 24-25
Christmas. Santa Clause is coming to town.

Wednesday, 2001 December 26
In the morning we discuss with the sound department. There are present: Zányi, the sound editor, Barna and Gryllus the composers and Pálfi, the director. We need music on the film to be able to start editing. But we have just a few sounds, and the sound editor is behind with his work. Impossible situation again. Everybody is carrying out his task yet nothing is ready in due time. And the deadlines are fix.
The graphic artist finalises the logo of the posters and the photos. And Bea Paya sings for the director the original version of the title song.

Thursday, 2001 December 27
We cut many things form the film. Now it's only 75 minutes long. The film laboratory will finish the laboratory special effects only by January. Tomorrow arrive the producer.

Friday, 2001 December 28
By five the viewing is ready. At six projection from the monitor. There are present: Éva Schulze - consultant, Csaba Bereczky - producer, András Bőhm - producer, Zsófi - dramaturg, Gábor - editor, Gyuri - director.
At the end of the movie there is uncomprehending silence. According to the producer the movie is incomprehensible, he gives us time to work, it's not important to finish by the Review. - "Of course, we wouldn't have to see it on the monitor; there was no sound on it, this is the problem; we'd have to show the other version, the easy one" - that's how we tried to find the motive of rejection. Despair, sorrow, discussion, drinking till morning.

Saturday, 2001 December 29
After discussions, we work again. We take out the earlier version. There are a lot of versions in the computer. In the afternoon we call the producer, but he will arrive only on January 2. The sound editor and the composers are worrying too; we will run out of time. There is only one month till the Review.

Sunday, 2001 December 30
We continue working. We finalise the film hoping that the producer will "accept" it. It's hard to make the easiest editing because the editor revolted by the producer's proposal cuts the film shorter and shorter. The specific of the film is that is different at every watching. The film can't be approached from the story to the images and scenes; it has length only in opposition with each other. That's why the film could be shortened to the infinite.
Today ended our editing space. But the producers are giving us other possibilities.

Monday, 2001 December 31
Day off. It's compulsory; we can't enter the editing room. New Year's Eve. The new material is on the Internet.