Toronto International Filmfestival 2002 [september 2002] Dimitri Eipides
In his debut feature, György Pálfi presents a mesmerizing, unconventional murder mystery set against the sedate backdrop of rural Hungarian life.

Toronto International Filmfestival 2002 [The Festival Daily] JM
A symphony of hiccups

Screen Daily [31 october 2002] Sheila Johnston

Screen Daily [8 december 2002] Patrick Frater
Talk to Her Triumphs at European Film Awards

Screen Daily [23 april 2003] Liz Shackleton
Hukkle wins top prize at muted Hong Kong film fest

Open Zone - spanish [september 2002] Zuzendari Beriiak
Hukkle - El secreto de la aldea

Hungarian Film.Com Balázs Lovas
Hukkle - In the end - interview with György Pálfi

Hungarian Film.Com [04 february 2002] Balázs Lovas
Hukkle: Unexpected success

12. Filmfestival Cottbus [24 february 2003]

12. Filmfestival Cottbus [05 november 2002] Inga Pollman
Traurer macht glücklich

12. Filmfestival Cottbus Peter Blochwitz
Cottbuser Filmfestival mit neuer Dimension

TRYBUNA [30 stycznia 2003] Adam Horoszczak
Wschodnie wiatry

Common Ground [02 october 2002] Robert Alstead
Movies Worth Watching

The Province [30 september 2002] Glen Schaefer
Movies Worth Watching

Georgia Straight [26 september 2002] MH

Variety [12 february 2002] Derek Elley
Beautifully shot, full of droll humor and at 77 minutes never overstaying its welcome, this could even get some theatrical exposure in specialized pastures.