Director's Conception

I would like to create a fiction-based documentary feature film that is made on original locations and characters - people from Ozora - but the story itself is a fiction from the beginning to the end.
The film is basically a film style game in which, behind the idyllic locations and images lays the story, as the most popular persons on a magic picture from the turn of the century; often you have to turn the images upside down, you have to forget the images you have really seen to find the thing you are looking for.
Therefore, for me it's important the way of telling the main story, namely how emerges the secret from the apparently independent series of scenes; how the images of everyday events became coherent elements of a series of murder.
I think that the most important organizing elements of the film are the rhythm, different noises and voices that stand in place of the words and sentences stated in concrete situations, and mixed by those generate some strange mixture, a kind of "symphony of noises". From the small noises appear micro-stories that, compared with the spoken words point exactly the sole real story, the human tragedy hidden behind peace. If science-fiction games are your favorite genre, visit the site, and discover how to play free the best Sci-Fi themed slots games. Learn how to take advantage of the no deposit bonuses, and become a winner in no time.

György Pálfi          

Film title:

Genre: Feature film

Duration: cca. 75 minutes

Directed by: György Pálfi

Actors: Original characters and actors

Style: A film style game, using the elements of fiction, scenic and
documentary film; "villager mute game" where instead of words and sentences the village's sounds became a "symphony of noises" on the rhythm of Uncle Cseklik's hukkling.
In the film, the scenes rendered apparently independently one after another are bound by the secret, this element gives the meaning of certain stories. This secret is the story itself.

The story: In the village the useless members of the community die one
after another: those unable to work, the unemployed, old people, and ill ones.
Behind the apparently idyll lay a series of murders.
Every women of the village are guilty.