vissza a főoldalra

Monday, 2001 October 1
Arrive another crew on Avid. They request 12 work hours; moreover they show us a contract about the fact that they may start at four in the afternoon. The director is raving with anger, and asks the producer why he wants to kill his film. The producer claims the opposite saying that he's rather save it bringing another work team to the editing room assuring not to throw out the film because of the long supplementary work. The result of discussion: afternoon at five we have to leave the editing room, and we may choose the part of the day. The editor chooses daytime.

Thursday, 2001 October 4
All week we have night editing. From morning till afternoon Titanic Film Festival, from six editing. Checking with the other film. Work rate is slowing down.

Monday, 2001 October 8
From this week the editing hours of "Hukkle" is from five in the morning till five in the afternoon. We have to yield the remained time to the other production.

Sunday, 2001 October 14
The dramaturg watches the edited film. She likes it. She finds it exciting and impressive, but the director and the editor don't believe him. They decide: they will work on it another three days before letting it out from theirs hands.

Wednesday, 2001 October 17
By afternoon the first edited version of "Hukkle" is finished. Though it is just a draft, sequences of cuts put together, and there is no sound on it yet, but the comprehensibility of the story can be tested with it. But the copying lasts till evening. They cross over the shift time (fixed for five o'clock). The other crew waits patiently. Thanks.

Thursday, 2001 October 18
The composer and the sound editor watch the film. They fix another appointment. The director leaves the film at the editor for trimming. Now the film may be shown to a few people. For that the director request 3 VHS cassettes.

Friday, 2001 October 19
In the morning the new G informs the director that - due to holiday - the three VHS cassettes will be done only for next Wednesday. After a short dispute the copy is made by afternoon. At the laboratory the negative is put together for test developing.

Sunday, 2001 October 21
It turns out that from the three VHS cassettes only one has picture on it. During editing the recorder from the editing room is copying two new cassettes. These are send to the direct colleagues.

Monday, 2001 October 22
Éva Shulze watched the movie too. According to her the story is understandable, but the film is not so concrete as the script was. Though she doesn't consider that a problem. In the editing room the editor draws together the scenes.

Tuesday, 2001 October 23
We continue to work despite the holiday. The crew: the director, the editor and the dramaturg are narrowing some scenes. Some scenes are dropped out; the movie is gathering speed. They are merciless in editing the material. It comes the time of giving up for the director. You can't imagine how many hours it takes to renounce at one scene. We have to edit merciless the cuts that are not fitting in the whole movie. The funeral is cut in two. In that way its role in the film can be understood easier.

Wednesday, 2001 October 24
The editor is trimming the cuts. The assistant editor is revolting for his money and contract. The director has discussions at "Mokép". He has to resolve the copying with time codes the first ten minutes of the film on a Beta. But it can't be done on the Beta from the editing room. After many phones he manages to get another Beta recorder by afternoon. We do a little overtime, but even then we cannot send the cassette to the sound editor.

Tuesday, 2001 October 30
It looks like we can't hand over in due time the first scene to the sound editor. So we have to postpone the appointment for noising. The director makes a separate agreement with the sound editor that the deadline fixed for November 15 is referring only to the second part of the film. After that the sound editor and the composer will work in parallel in November, helped by another composer, Balázs Barna with the first scene, the sound editor with the rest of the film. The first part is requiring a lot of time: it made up by inserts edited on the rhythm. The sound editor has the raw edited version; he tries to dub that.